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Today it is not just important to be present on the Internet but also very, very important to be easily “found” on the Web when someone looks for you. Search Engine Optimization and effective web-promotion helps your website to be found through a wide range of search engines (Google, MSN, etc). Hellosoft Ltd Internet Marketing Outsourcing services helps to achieve Top Search Engine Ranking for your website and we ensure a customized and unique process for each SEO Project that we undertake.

Hellosoft Ltd provides Internet Marketing Outsourcing also include keyword-research, SE-specific Content Plan, Meta Tags, Content Creation and recommendations for existing or proposed Content. We also offer post-optimization services (internet marketing) such as Periodic Reports pertaining to the current listing of your Site on various Search Engines, analysis of Keywords used etc.

We have adopted a 3-Phase Process for SEO of your Website. In the 1st Phase, our Web Designers and Analysts determine the existing status of your Website with respect to its Rankings in various Search Engines. After we have identified the things to do for optimizing your Website, Hellosoft Ltd Team transforms your content as well as design to enable higher Search Engine Rankings. In the 3rd and final stage, we help you buy effective space for your Banners and create the Conversion & Retention Strategy for you maintain higher rankings for your Website for a longer duration. We also help you track the Returns on all the that you undertake for SEO by accurately determining the increase in numbers and type of Visitors that have visit your site.

Outsourced Internet Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Affiliate Marketing

Email Campaigns


SEO life cycle @ Hellosoft Ltd


  1. Online Business Analysis
  •  Pre-Sales Business Analysis
  • Objectives & timelines
  • Marketing Channels
  • Budgeting for Organic SEO
  • SEO friendly domain names & TLDs
  • Geo-targeting
  • Customer segmentation & targeting (Personas)
  • Benchmarking
  • Hosting Server Selection
  • Internet related legal issues & content copyrights
  1. Architectural Analysis
  •  Website Information Architecture & Categorization
  • Keyword Analysis (content creation)
  • Behavioral targeting
  • PPC Analysis
  • Ongoing keyword tweaks based on monitoring
  • Content Duplication (Print out pages)
  • Internal Linking Optimization
  • Canonical URL’s
  • Pagination & Bread Crumbs
  • PPC Landing Page Optimization
  • Usability analysis
  • Conversion Optimization
  1. Designing & HTML Coding
  • Online Branding (Brand Positioning with user experience)
  • Differentiation
  1. Coding
  • SEO enabled CMS creation
  • Redirect handling
  • Page Rank Sculpting
  • Session ID’s & URL Optimization
  • Blog Optimization
  • Sitemap (static & XML)
  • Keyword Mapping
  • 404 error page
  1. Quality Control
  • Crawl test
  • Bad Server Response
  • CTR testing for Title & Description
  • A/B Testing
  1. Content Creation
  • Branding
  • Viral Marketing
  • Link Bait
  • Corporate blogging
  1. Website Monitoring
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Heat Map Tacking
  • Conversion Tracking
  • keyword Rank Monitoring
  1. Link Building
  • Page Rank Optimization
  • Link Bait, Viral marketing and creating buzz
  • Domain Trust Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Outsourced Internet Marketing Services

Pay Per Click

At Hellosoft Ltd as your Internet Marketing Advisor, we provide complete Pay Per Click Management (PPC) services that involves online paid advertisement placements as sponsored results in search engine rankings. We use PPC strategically to give you instant conversions to create investment liquidity to invest on achieving higher organic rankings.

Your optimum ROI targeted ads will flash on variety of places like

  • Search engine result pages as sponsored listings related to search query
  • On content networks displaying contextual ads, and offering content relevant to your targeted keywords.
  • On individual websites displaying similar contextual ads with relevant content and keywords.

Under our outsourced Internet Marketing Services, once the website is completely designed and optimized we would start a Pay Per Click campaign for your website We perform a thorough keyword analysis to find low bid keywords with optimum ROI. The scope of the PPC campaign would cover:

1. Initial Analysis & Campaign Setup:-

  • Business Analysis
  • Customer Persona Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Optimum Bid Rate Analysis
  • Landing Page optimization (recommendations)
  • Creation of 24 PPC Ads for different ad groups as per keywords
  1. Monthly Maintenance:-
  • Textual Ad’s Copy tweaking
  • Bid Management
  • ROI analysis
  • Campaign Performance tracking
  • Creating additional ad groups if required
  • Weekly / Monthly Reporting

Management Fee:-
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