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The Company – Connecting Perfectly

Let’s face it – selling an idea or a concept or a product or a service to someone is the most difficult task, even when you are offering it for free! And if you plan to make money out of selling it – you better brace yourself for some tough times from the very start itself.

If one looks at the ventures that failed to even take off or at those businesses for whom it is a challenge – year on year – to continuously grow, be it in terms of revenues or customer satisfaction levels or the ability to reach out to more clients, one thing is very clear – they mostly are unable to or find it extremely difficult to connect to their perceived or existing customers physically as well as conceptually.

This disconnect is not something that the businesses don’t plan for or are unaware of. On the contrary, almost each and every one who gets in the market place, whether to sell a product or a concept or even an ideology, knows and understands the importance of identifying the customers who can subscribe to their offerings and then getting across or connecting to convince them to accept their ideas – physically or conceptually.

Mostly this disconnect happens simply by not being aware of and thereby not using the innovative, unlimited and cost-effective options that could’ve helped in bridging this gap between an idea and its intended recipients. And that’s where the difference between success and failure lies.

Internet as a medium can offer unlimited opportunities to the businesses and individuals to connect with target customers of their products, services and ideas. And this journey to connecting perfectly can start with simply using the web as a channel of broadcast.

Any entity in the quest of convincing its intended customers to buy its idea can start harnessing the power of Internet via a website to simply announce its existence to a far larger number of people than it would have managed ordinarily, or can use an e-mail account created on Yahoo or with Gmail as a cheap and convenient medium for a promotional campaign targeting its customers via their mailboxes.

Or it can use convenient and secure mechanisms of electronically transacting with buyers of its idea or product or service over the Internet to receive payments and in many cases deliver as well.

Since last decade, more and more companies and entities have matured to the Transact Stage and are selling their products or services electronically and are also receiving payments – in cash as well in kind – online itself.

But the stage where the maximum benefits of the Internet lie as a medium is when the seller is able to connect perfectly with the buyers and is able to create a bond with the buyers to enable continuity of the relationship.