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Hellosoft Document Conversion Services

A business’ needs are always changing, and often you will find that your previous files are no longer compatible with your company’s needs. It may be because you need your files to be digitized, or you need a different file format to be compatible with newer software; whatever the reason, it’s not uncommon to realize you need to convert thousands of files, and that you don’t have the tools or manpower to complete it. That’s why document conversion is so valuable.

As a data entry company, we work with document conversion every day. We know exactly how to provide accurate, cost-effective document conversion services that turn any type of file (including paperwork and hard copy files) into a file that suits your needs. We work with the leading document conversion software and have operations in place to ensure the fastest turnaround time, and we’d like to take on your document conversion projects.

File Formats Handled By Our Document Conversion Service

We work with nearly every kind of file format and have the tools, technology and experience to quickly and easily convert any type of file when you need it. While our most common services include the ability to convert Word to PDF (and vice versa), we also:

  • Convert TIFF to PDF
  • Convert PSD to XHTML
  • Convert Image Files to XHTML
  • Convert DWG to JPG
  • Convert scanned paper documents to digital files.
  • Convert books and other hard copy reports to digital files.
  • Convert PSP to PDF
  • Convert Excel to HTML, and more…

If you require document conversion, chances are we can provide it for you in no time!

Contact Us For Your Document Conversion Needs

We’re proud of our speed and accuracy, and offer an easy, simple solution to your document conversion needs. We know how to automate the tasks and when to complete them manually. We know how to identify, categorize, and translate files without losing any critical information. We know how to successfully complete your work in the allotted time and within budget, and we offer some of the most up to date security measures and strict NDAs to ensure the process is completely secure and your information is kept safe.

If you need document conversion services, you can’t go wrong with our company. Contact us today to learn more.