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Hellosoft Book Conversion Services

For decades, anyone who wanted or needed to read a book or guide would have to go to the bookstore and buy a book. Now, most reading takes place online, where people can simply use an application or software program to download and read e-books as needed. This represents a considerable opportunity for those that already have printed books. With our e-book conversion service, you can quickly and easily convert any standard book into digital format, and immediately use it for your sales or marketing needs.

E-book conversion takes a careful hand and knowledge of software. Our book conversion services are designed to be error free, converting any type of document or printable material into an electronic file that is ready to be downloaded on any type of hardware. Our services have been used by universities, colleges, book publishers and libraries for years, and we pride ourselves on our ability to match any requirements and ensure perfection in our conversion process.

The Value of Book Conversion

The Internet allows users to access a huge library of information. It’s quicker and easier for anyone with Internet access to download an e-book at the click of a button. This has made e-books more convenient than traditional hard copy books, because the ease of the transaction and versatility of the program has made more and more people to look at digitized information, rather than the slower, less versatile methods.

Digitization allows us to convert books into any type of online format. We not only prepare a book for online use but also protect the data by digitizing it, as digital data are not at risk to the elements and won’t break down over time like traditional books and paperwork.

Our Book Conversion Service

We provide efficient book conversion services at a cost that won’t hurt your budget, and we’ll be happy to convert your books, documents, articles, catalogs, brochures, and even PowerPoint presentations into a well-structured e-book.

We train all our employees in each and every formatting style so that they are able to handle any type of digital format. Each of our employees understands every aspect of our book scanning services, and we ensure that your project moves quickly through the pipeline, so that you receive your final product as quickly as possible. We also use the most advanced book conversion technologies and software currently available, and are happy to transfer your documents to a DVD, CD-ROM, or to your secure FTP server.

Our quality support team also carefully monitors our process, and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide fast delivery of an error-free product. It doesn’t matter how large or small your book conversion needs are—we’re able to handle any size project.

Contact us today to learn more about book conversion and let us help you with all your conversion and data entry needs.