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Hellosoft Data Capture Services

Numerous companies collect data, but very few companies know how to collect that data in a way that makes it useable—collecting it correctly in easy to use databases for further access. Often, data is an afterthought, and few companies utilize internal data input services to help them catalog and manage their data wisely.

As a data collection company, we offer data capture services to help companies collect data from outside sources, including the data entry process itself, forms, and e-Documents, and convert that data into an easily retrievable format for analysis. Using OCR (optical character recognition), we are also able to increase the accuracy and speed of our work—and we pass those savings on to you.

What’s Included in Our Data Capture Services

Our data capture is used in a variety of different areas, including form processing, keying image content, web data extraction and more. Just a small sample of our services includes:

  • Paper to image conversion.
  • Form capture.
  • Coupon, voucher, and receipt data capture.
  • Competitor information capture.
  • Check scanning and imaging.
  • Cards, microfilm, magnetic tapes, and photo capture.

We work with numerous industries including healthcare and finance, and are pleased to capture data for any type of company. We also work with other forms of data capture including scanning and electronic data capture, direct mail, image archiving, digitalization of microfilm, and more. Whether it’s scanning documents, drawings, the Internet, photographs, or any other form of capture needed, we have the expertise and technology to complete it.

Why Use Our Data Capture Service

Our data capture solutions are of the highest caliber—better than any other option, both in house and outsourced. We have quality control managers to ensure that your data is captured accurately, and strict security and non-disclosure agreements to keep your information safe. With trained experts and higher business standards than every other company in our industry, we are still able to offer some of the fastest turnaround times and most affordable services available.

Contact us today to get started with your data capture needs.