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Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh




  • The name of the Company is HELLOSOFT LTD.
  • The Registered Office of the Company shall be situated in Bangladesh.
  • The objects for which the Company is established are all or any of the following all the objects will be implemented after obtaining necessary permission from the Government /Concerned authority/ Competent authority before commencement of business.
  1. To carry on the business of computer software, hardware and multimedia production. To develop customized application software, operating system, website, computerized security system, digital home management system, animation, video animation and editing. To purchase, acquire, take on lease or in exchange or in any other lawful manner any developed application software, operating system, computerized security system, digital home management system, animation, video animation. To update any kind of customized application software, website, hardware or multimedia production, computerized security system or repair any kind of computer system, digital system. To deal with production, purchase, sale and supply of computer, software, computerized security equipment and digital system. To enter into any arrangement with the govt, semi-govt, autonomous and private enterprise for use of satellite, micro-wave channels and other communication required in connection with the data processing.
  1. To undertake turn-key projects, design, supply, install, supervise and commissioning of equipment, cables  and  necessary equipments  &  services required in the fields of construction telecommunication, electrocution data processing & information technology. To carry on the business as local agents, representative, manufacturers, importers, exporters, distributors   and  dealers  either’s  as  principals  or  as  agents of software company, tele-communication, electrification, data processing and information technology and related accessories and any other equipment, materials, substance and commodities. To promote, form constitute corporations, companies, association and syndicates with objects wholly or partly similar to the company and to do all that may be necessary for accomplishment of such objects. To establish training and education institutions, conducts seminars, workshops, training classes, lectures, presentations subject to talking permission from concerned authorities.

  1. To carry on the business of marketing of computer, computer accessories hardware and software, paraphernalia including sales and service, electronic/electric office equipments, training aids, communication equipment, audiovisual equipment and all other allied items. To carry on the business of trading, indenting commission agent, importers, exporters and general order suppliers and to work as Bangladeshi agent of any foreign company or organization. To publish magazines, journals, brochures, newsletters, leaflets, permission from the concerned authority. To carry on the business of providing consultancy and support services with regard to industrial, management, financial, accounting, technical and engineering, marketing, sales, training, socio-economic aspects.
  1. To carry on the business of Software development /service/ maintenance Computer based Education, Web design, Computer Constancy, Connected ISP, Computer Training. Printing & Publications, Data processing. Data Entry, System Designing, Software and Hardware Maintenance, Graphics design, Pre-press, Software and Hardware Installation and other services related to Computer. To carry on the business of IT related hardware marketing & service/ maintenance Consulting, IT Training Center, IT Professional Recruiting, Placement in Bangladesh and abroad and other related business in that sort in near future. To carry on the business of web development, e-commerce, Internet, Software development, Data services, LAN, WAN, System design, System Analysis, System Development, Web services.
  1. To import Telecommunication equipment, like Switching, Transmission, Outside Plant (OSP), Mobile (both CDMA and GSM) and fixed telephone system & plans, terminals, computers, services, modems, workstation equipment for establishing Mobile telephone Network, PSTN, VSAT, ISP, Optical Fibre, Network, Submarine Cable. To carry on the business of or provide services for internet TV, internet phone, internet telecommunication, internet news media, wireless fax/voice modem, internet marketing system via bank/ credit card, internet cable TV network, internet shopping. The company shall have the right to install any kind of software and to make communication with any local or foreign authority for such purpose. To establish in any place of Bangladesh or in any part of the world such branch or branches for managing any of the affairs of the company and discontinue the same as may be decided by the board.
  1. To carry on the business of manufacturer, assembler, importer, exporter including act as agents, Selling & buying of electrical & electronic goods such as micro-computer, Computer parts, printers, Plotters, Scanners, Diskettes, Chips, printing papers, cartriges, Computer printing materials, micro electronic house hold equipments such as washing machine, TV, VCR, VCP, Camera, Video Camera, Electronic office equipments such as coppier, Fax machine, Calculator, Binding Machine, heating & Laminating machines. To carry on the business of, Video/Movie, Audio/computer Special effects, Graphics, Computer/Video Games, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. To arrow or raise money from such person, bank, financial institution or agency and in such manner as the board of directors of the company. To hold or otherwise acquire shares of any other company.
  1. To carry on the business of sellers, buyers, manufacturers, producers and marketing of any products, either of consumers or of industries and any kind of services and to do all other things and acts which are incidental or ancillary to the carrying on the above mentioned business. To carry on the business of Data Processing, Data entry, Computer software Development, Internet services and any services in the field of computer and communication with or without foreign collaboration in Bangladesh and open show room in any place within or outside Bangladesh. To carry on business or services related to Internet, E-mail, Worldwide web, satellite communication and telecommunication. To carry on the business of computer hardware and its accessories either alone or in collaboration with any local or foreign organization and for that purpose to own factories, warehouses, to import plants and machinery, raw materials and to do all other business and acts which are incidental or ancillary.